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How to identify my USB vendor/product id?

 shell> lsusb
If you can't recognize the vendor/product id from your device contact linux-media mail-list

Validated boards

What's it?

 We use this term to advise that boards were tested by user or developer.

SMI Grabber (aka EasyCAP DC60+ chinese clone)

Name Vendor/Product ID Supported modes Hardware Chips Interfaces
SMI Grabber Device
[SMI-USB 007]
0x1c88:0x0007 (Bootloader Device)
0x1c88:0x003c (Tuner Device)
[1] Somagic SMI-2021CBE
[2] Cirrus Logic 5340-CZZ
[3] Trident (Philips) SAA7113H
Video Composite RCA Input
Separate Video Mini-DIN 4pin Input
Audio Stereo Dual RCA Input