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* [http://www.tbsdtv.com/forum/index.php TBS Technologies Support forum]
* [http://www.tbsdtv.com/forum/index.php TBS Technologies Support forum]
* [https://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/TBS Buy It Online]
* [http://www.buydvb.net/tbs2216-h264-hd-hdmi-encoder-professional-hd-video-coding-for-iptv-p-121.html Buy It Online]
[[Category:HDMI Encoder]]
[[Category:HDMI Encoder]]

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TBS2216 HD HDMI encoder is a professional high-definition video coding box, which equipped with 1 HDMI channel input and dual stream RJ45 output. TBS2216 supports MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 High Profile code format input and dual stream H.264 format, audio ACC format output.


  • IPTV
  • Digital Signage
  • Video Conference
  • Replace HD Video Capture Card
  • Hotel TV system
  • Live Broadcast
  • Teaching/Campus Broadcast
  • Recording System



  • Input: 1x HDMI (1.3a)
  • HDMI Resolution: 1920×1080_60i/60P, 1920×1080_50i, 1280×720_60p, 1280×720_50p and below
  • Encoding: H.264/AVC Main Profile/High Profile ,Audio AAC
  • Data Rate: 0.8Mbps~12Mbps
  • Rate Control: CBR/VBR
  • GOP Structure: IBBP
  • Advanced Pretreatment: De-interlacing, Noise Reduction, Sharpening


  • Encoding: AAC, MP3
  • Sampling rate: Auto
  • Bit-rate: 32K/48K/64K/96K/128K/160K/192K
  • Sampling precision: 24 bit
  • Data Rate: 64Kb/s ~ 384Kb/s


  • Ethernet/RJ45: 1000 Base-T Ethernet interface
  • Control Interface: WEB

General Spec

  • Size: 170mm*130*30mm
  • Weight: 0.5kg
  • Working Temperature: 0~45℃

Driver Download

External Links

  • Company Website PC Card Manufacturer for HDMI Encoder,IPTV Streamer,DVB S/S2,DVB T/T2,DVB-C with single,dual and quad tuner,