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On the T230 page there are logs of a running linux os, what happens if You attach a T230 usb stick. But which linux distribution do You use (highest availabel kernel version at the moment is 3.18.4). But You say, 3.19 is needed ? Can You help me, "Trsqr" ?

Current stable is 3.18.5, latest testing is 3.19-rc7. Probably, that means that in 3.18.x it's not yet included and will be in 3.19 series. For now, you may try it with current linux-media, --wirbel (talk) 09:06, 3 February 2015 (CET)

Details about known issues, please

Trsqr, can you please tell us more details about the known issues you mentioned, and about the operators? Which kind of problems did you observe? Thanks!

Anyone else also has USB String descriptor problems?

On my device I found a strange USB issue: All string descriptors are reported defective. That is, The language string descriptor starts with a spurious 0x00 (really the length field), and includes all following string descriptors (wrong length in control transfer probably due to a parsing error in the firmware). The strings themselves look ok, there is just this leading 0x00 byte that is too much and which leads to strange errors also on the host side. For example, some versions of lsusb crash (assert) when using verbose mode on this device. Linux used to print a warning in older versions, now the message sounds nicer, simply saying that the language string is not provided and that it defaults to English. However, none of the strings is properly detected (due to the 0x00 length byte). Also, I noticed (from a USB trace of the control request), that the strings differ from the ones I found on the net. Seems that Vendor is "Gen" (instead of "Max"). Product is "USB Stick". Also, the Config #1 seems to have a string saying "Def" (for default, I guess). Is it possible that this is some generic reference design firmware? Who knows more? It seems there are different FX2 firmware versions out there. Should we create a collection of firmware dumps of the FX2 USB frontend controller here? I would be very interested in flashing someone else's firmware and check if it resolves the problems. Who is in? Reading the EEPROM of the FX2 is very simple.