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I have contacted Philips for linux drivers. I have received the respose from philips people.

My mail/request was forwarded to the manager of the software department (His adress is in CC)

I hope to receive a response asap

I'm not a programmer but if I receive code or tecnical info under free license I can give to Richard dale


Philips people response

XXXXX = For privacy

Dear Damiano,

Thank you, that sounds like a very nice offer. I am forwarding your request to the manager of the software department to see if he would like to work with you. Presently we consider the Linux source code to be proprietary to NXP, and it is only given to high volume customers who sign a nondisclosure agreement. My understanding is we do not want the driver source code to be in the public domain. We have a group in Taiwan that developed and supports this code, but it maybe that it is a good idea to make this available at, but it certainly is not my position to make such decisions.


> Thank you Mr XXXX for manual and a binary drivers > > Can you give to me a possibility to download the source archive of > this drivers? > This source permit to compile this driver under the last Linux Kernel. > > If drivers license permit this, my goal is to develop and mantain > linux driver for SAA7162e based board in > community (standard linux community for tv card drivers) > > Thank You >


Good stuff LB ... look forward to the follow up. --CityK 03:12, 15 March 2007 (CET)


Hi! I'M glad something is happening in this case. Does this mean the saa7160/61 drivers are also progressing or is this only affecting the saa7162? Thanks, BigMc

I would assume so. When I spoke to Manu last Thursday on the IRC channel, he mentioned that he currently has 5 saa7160 devices that have been supplied to him from different manufacturers. --CityK 19:33, 2 July 2007 (CEST)

Cool! Thanks!

Have NXP said anything on this issue yet? I emailed them earlier this week asking them to actually do something... I pointed out that they say in at least 2 places "Supported in Linux" when it really isn't. Still waiting on a response, but I assume it'll be a polite "get stuffed" type of response. Tin 12:47, 23 November 2007 (CET)