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Hello :)

My name is Antti Palosaari and I am from Finland, European Union. I am Information Engineering student of University of Oulu, Department of Electrical and Information Engineering. Contact information can be found from my homepage. Don't hesitate to contact if you have something to ask about Linux DVB issues. But please remember, I am not a helpdesk. For installation instructions for your favourite distribution try Google first :) Bug reports, technical issues, donations and new hardware are highly welcome.

Below is list of the Linux DVB -drivers I have done and responsible.

module chip Kernel driver type notes
dvb-usb-au6610 Alcor Micro AU6610 2.6.x V4L/DVB Master USB-bridge my first driver :)
qt1010 Quantek QT1010 2.6.x V4L/DVB Master silicon tuner poor quality :(
Aapo Tahkola did initial driver
dvb-usb-anysee Cypress cy7c68013 2.6.27 V4L/DVB Master USB-bridge uses own USB protocol
dvb-usb-af9015 Afatech AF9015 2.6.28 V4L/DVB Master USB-bridge integrates AF9013 demodulator
af9013 Afatech AF9013 2.6.28 V4L/DVB Master demodulator
dvb-usb-ce6230 Intel CE6230 2.6.29 V4L/DVB Master USB-bridge integrates ZL10353 demodulator
dvb-usb-ec168 E3C EC168 - ~anttip/ec168/ USB-bridge integrates EC100 demodulator
no specs, no interest
ec100 E3C EC100 - ~anttip/ec168/ demodulator no specs, no interest