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TerraTek Cinergy XE; DVB-T USB1.1/USB2.0-Stick

just got such a device. it seems not to be supported in linux (yet).

if things are not too difficult, i am going to write a linux module. on this site you'll find a history on what's going on.

i've no experience in linux/dvb and only a little in linux/v4l. any help in this would be very nice!

Thu Jan 18 2007

i got the beast. about 40 euro in austria.

Thu Jan 21 2007

i played with the linuc CinergyT2 module -- but found out that everything can be done in the userspace with libusb as well...

Tue Jan 23 2007

got it going in linux/vmware. it's crazy that all this usb stuff works in vmware.

unfort, i see no video. i guess that is because vmware does not emulate a video adaper as such. anyway, i can select channels, hear the audia clearly and can use the teletext.

next step is to get some linux usb sniffer installed and have a look what's going on on the usb bus.