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If you are wondering why I have (again) removed your edits about the cx2388x capture abilities, its because you are missing a point of distinction:

  • the IC is primarily an A/V decoder (i.e. it does analog to digital conversion)
  • digital tv consists of a MPEG2 Transport Stream (i.e. its already digital ... no analog to digital conversion is required)
  • in regards to digital tv, the cx2388x acts only as a bridge -- it accepts the MPEG2 TS and places it on the PCI bus
  • the capture window that you keep referencing is STRICTLY in regards to an analog signal ... this does NOT apply to a digital TV signal
  • that last point leads me to believe that you are confusing a compressed format decoder, such as a MPEG2 decoder vs. an A/V decoder ... they are NOT the same thing

hope that helps clarify