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[linux-dvb] Re: Nova-S - video data only after windoze boot

Thanks for your reply...

Well, I don't see any connection between the phenomena (card only useable after a windows boot)
and the BIOS version. Anyway - just to make sure, I updated to the newest beta version (already had
the latest stable version running) BTW: it's an ASUS P4B533-V BIOS 1009 Beta 002
Still it doesn't work.... :-(

Is there anyone who gets this f... ine Hauppauge WinTV Nova-S SE running? If so, do you also use budget-ci + stv0299?


Marian Durkovic schrieb:


I've got similar strange problems with this recent WinTV Nova cards.
All of them were solved by upgrading the BIOS on PC motherboard to the
recent version.

With kind regards,


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