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[vdr] Re: DVD replay is unsmooth

Hi all,

On Friday 12 April 2002 11:46, Wolfgang Fiesel wrote:

> I have the same artefacts during DVD playback. Yesterday I've tried
> vdr-0.99pre4-AIO.... (old DVD construction) and there is absolute no
> problem. Audio and Video runs very well synchronised also after skipping
> operation. (use the same libdvd and libcss 0.3...).
> As you mentioned before it seems to be a pts synchronisation point because
> the pictures is skipping frames every 1/2 second. Sound is right. You talk
> about mismixing of audio/video syncing. Is this really a known problem on
> certain DVD's ? If I use the free running mode (AUDIO_SET_AV_SYNC = false)

I have found at least one dvd that definetly has brocken A/V pts in some parts 
(see linux-dvb list for details).

> the skipping disappears (of course later we are out of synch).
> At this moment I'm a little bit unhappy with the DVD stuff.

me too :-(

> Do you have any ideas how we can solve it because it seems I'm not alone
> with that ?

The attached patch fixes the problem at least for "The Abyss". The value can 
be decrease further when you still have problems, even (bufptr == buf) might 
be possible.


--- 1.13/ca52.c Thu Apr 11 20:12:51 2002
+++ edited/ca52.c       Fri Apr 12 20:11:25 2002
@@ -333,7 +333,7 @@
     int len;

     //do we enter with an empty buffer
-    uint8_t sendPTS =  (bufptr - buf) < 100 ? 1 : 0;
+    uint8_t sendPTS =  (bufptr - buf) < 40 ? 1 : 0;
 #ifdef A52DEBUG
     fprintf (stderr, "old buffer context: %d\n", bufptr - buf);

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