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[vdr] Re: LNB sharing in 1.1.x ?

In article <>, you say...
> If I understand this correctly the "LNB sharing patch" is meant for
> systems that have only one LNB, but several DVB cards. 


> So if one
> recording is going on, the rest of the cards are limited to the
> polarization and frequency range (high or low) defined by the DVB card
> that is currently recording - is that about right? 


> Sorry, I've never looked into that patch 

You should do that, the latest version is quite short and not to hard to 
The source ist available at
(this is the new adress btw.)

> With the modifications I have recently made [...] I believe it should be easy to
> implement such a feature in the main VDR program. Just let me know if
> the above description of what's supposed to happen is correct and I'll
> see what I can do.

Sounds good!



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