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[vdr] Diseqc Patch WAS Re: Re: Some questions about plugin-features of vdr-developer...

Hi Klaus,

> Anyway, to get to the point: As you are changing some plugin
> possibilities, would it be possible for you to add a DISEQC
> V1.2 (or even better USALS) control plugin for a motor dish
> (Im using a STAB HH100)?
> Interesting would be the following (all of which are standard
> diseqc 1.2 commands):

>AFAIK the DVB-S cards only support DiSEqC 1.0.

I was under this impression, too. However the guy wrote a patch
which does almost everything I want ;o)). I have attached it
to the mail (don`t know if the board allows this, but it is only 8
Kbyte long... forgive me if I have violated a board rule). It has
the source code included. Please have a look. You can decide
more quickly and easily if this will work on newer VDR versions
(and if it is possible to add it to your new work).

> - Moving the motor continiously East or West
> - Moving the motor per degrees (as keyboard input "x" degrees)
> - Moving the motor in increments (push of a key results in a small
> - Zeroing the motor
> - Setting East / West limits
> - Removing East / West limits


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