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[vdr] Re: Small & silent VDR custom STB

I was wondering if anyone knows the name of the case and remote control
in those two articles.

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Subject: [vdr] Re: Small & silent VDR custom STB

On Mon, 13 Sep 2004 09:15:10 +0200, Guido Fiala <>

> Got exactly the riser-card for the EPIA and it works in the 
> Lex-mainboard
> flawlessly too, probably its not much magic in their... the bios must
> assing interrupts to each card and the interrupt lines must be somehow

> connected, then it should work. If only one interrupt is connected it
> work anyway using IRQ-sharing?? (The EPIA-Riser has a lot of
> Jumper-fields).

I had never luck with sharing interrupts between DVB cards. My server
now runs since more than 3 years with the DVB cards on separate
interrupts without problems.

Another important points for selectings a STB base is the ability to
turn it on by remote control and a working NVRAM wakeup. Otherwise it
would have to run constantly which would cost a lot of money.


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