ASUS My Cinema U3100Mini USB ATSC

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An ATSC USB 2.0 device by ASUS.

It is currently unsupported under Linux.

ASUS has a driver for their eeePC, but these are precompiled for the eeePC Custom kernel and no sources are publically available. The ASUS .deb package loads dib0070, dib7000m, dib7000p, dibx000_common, dvb-core, dvb-drxj, dvb-usb-dib0700, dvb-usb-drxusb, dvb-usb,and mt2266. The dvb-drxj and dvb-usb-drxusb modules appear to be for the MicroNAS DRX 3933J. This is a wide white USB stick, labelled ASUS My Cinema U3100 Mini ATSC Clear QAM, with an antenna jack on the back. The device id from lsusb is 0b05:1747, which does not match any id in the dvb-usb-ids.h file.