ATI/AMD TV Wonder 650 Combo PCI Express

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ATI/AMD TV Wonder 650 Combo PCI Express front
ATI/AMD TV Wonder 650 Combo PCI Express back

An ATSC PCIe card from ATI.

It is currently unsupported under Linux.


Components Used

  • 2 x Samsung TECC1149FG01A (tuner module) [1]
  • ATI Theater 312 (digital demodulator) [3]
  • ATI Theater 650 Pro (analog IF demodulator, A/V decoder, mpeg2 encoder, PCI bridge) [4]
  • Hynix HY5DU561622ETP-4 (DRAM 256MB) [5]
  • AKM AK5355 (audio decoder) [6]
  • FairChild Semiconductor FST3257 (Quad 2:1 Multiplexer/Demultiplexer Bus Switch) [7]
  • Texas Instruments HCT4053MG4 (High Speed CMOS Triple 2-Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer with TTL inputs) [8]
  • Atmel eeprom?
  • others


There is a file installed by ATI's Windows driver named "CTRLT511.s3". Since the "T511" is contained within the model number on the Theater 650 Pro chip, it is assumed to be the correct firmware. (This is opposed to the other file, named "CTRL.s3" which is probably for an older model.)

It is in the opinion of the author that the base address of 0x9FC00000 in the firmware file is not the real base address of the firmware.

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