Compro VideoMate TV PVR/FM

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  • Interface: PCI
  • Formats: Analog, FM
  • Inputs: FM, TV, S-Video, Infrared, Stereo Audio
  • Outputs: Stereo Audio

Was able to get the Compro VideoMate TV PVR (No FM) working on OpenSuSE 10.1 This Wiki is work in progress, and copied with some modifications from the Compro VideoMate TV Gold-Plus page.

Making it Work

The issue with the Compro VideoMate TV Gold-Plus sound on the left channel only is a little different. When the "saa7134 module" is started, the sound is on the left channel only, but when TVtime is started, sound appears on both left and right channels.

Here is the deal

  the Compro VideoMate TV PVR/FM card number is "40"
  37 -> ITEMS_MTV005 
  38 -> CINERGY200 
  40 -> VIDEOMATE_TV_PVR -- >
  43 -> ZOLID_XPERT_TV7134 
  and the tuner number 17 for NTSC and 41 for PAL
  tuner=17 - Philips NTSC_M (MK2)
  tuner=41 - Philips PAL_MK (FI1216 MK)

For a full list of v4l supported tuners, see the latest Hg version of the kernel documentation.

My configuration in PAL mode is

  -> modprobe saa7134 card=40 tuner=41 alsa=1


  -> modprobe saa7134 card=40 tuner=41

I do not have the FM version, so I will leave that to someone else to figure out...

User Notes

See MythTV Wiki for additional info. Lynchmv 16:02, 2 June 2006 (CEST)

I made radio work with tuner=69 module option :) please try and post, i have the NTSC version, the autodetected tuner does not work, the one in the windows INF driver also does not work. LuisManson