Hama DVB-T USB2 Stick

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Hama DVB-T USB2 Stick

A DVB-T USB device from Hama.

The electronic components are branded as Afatech 9016. No drivers are found as AFA9016 as expected, but AFA9015 works fine.

It is supported under Linux.

Components Used


  • idVendor: 0x15a4
  • idProduct: 0x9016

Making it work


Firstly, you need to copy the following firmware dvb-usb-af9015.fw in your /lib/firmware/ directory, or in the directory where your system will search for it.


It requires the dvb_usb_af9015 module, as well as dvb_usb, i2c_core, af9013 and mt2060 for tuning. The main dvb_usb_af9015 is not in the kernel before 2.6.25, so you MUST use the Mercurial way.

A quick way to do this is:

  • install mercurial in your distro way
  • run, in some user directory:
$ hg clone http://linuxtv.org/hg/v4l-dvb
$ cd v4l-dvb
$ make menuconfig
$ make
# su -
# cd /path/to/the/userdir/v4l-dvb
# make install

See the How to Obtain, Build and Install V4L-DVB Device Drivers for all the details.

Once modules are compiled and installed, you can plug the stick. Run

# lsmod | grep af901

If your output is similar to

af9013                 20932  1
dvb_usb_af9015         28032  0
dvb_usb                20428  1 dvb_usb_af9015
i2c_core               21656  5 mt2060,af9013,dvb_usb_af9015,dvb_usb

the card should work.

If not, try to load the modules manually

modprobe af9013 dvb_usb_af9015 mt2060

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