Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2255

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An ATSC PCIe card from Hauppauge. Also supports ClearQAM cable TV.

It is supported under Linux since kernel 4.2. (Note: Analog support is not implemented yet).

Components Used:

  • Silicon Labs Si2157 (tuner for digital)
  • LG LGDT3306a (digital demodulator)
  • NXP SAA7164 (A/V Decoder & PCIe bridge)


It has a PCI subsystem ID of 0070:f111.

Making it Work


The following firmware is also needed:

cd /lib/firmware
wget http://www.steventoth.net/linux/hvr22xx/firmwares/4019072/NXP7164-2010-03-10.1.fw 


Drivers are included in kernel 4.2.

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