Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-900

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A USB 2.0 DVB-T device by Hauppauge.

Other Information

Apparently two versions are sold under the HVR-900 name: models 65008 (USB ID 2040:6500) and 65018 (USB ID 2040:6502). There is also a model 66009/A6F1, which is the HVR-900H.

Analog is supported by LinuxTV; the firmware for the XC3028 tuner is required and can be obtained by following these instructions.

DVB-T is supported in mainline for model 65008, and in some newly-released drivers for the 65018.

Based on:

  • Empiatech Em2880 usb bridge
  • Xceive XC3028 tuner and analog IF demodulator
  • Zarlink DVB-T demodulator (in original model 65008) or Micronas drx397x DVB-T demodulator (newer model 65018)