KNC1 TV-Station DVB-C

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A DVB-C PCI card produced by KNC1 based on the Philips SAA7146. The card is also sold under the name Mystique CaBiX-C2, DVB-C.

Capable of delivering a full Transport Stream. Features a common interface slot.

Some versions have A/V inputs as well.


(tda10021/Philips CU1216L(tua6034))

 card driver: budget-av
 interface: PCI
 PCI device id: 1131:7146
 PCI subsystem id: 1894:0020 
 Bridge: Philips SAA7146A
 frontend 1
   tin box: Philips CU1216L
   frontend driver: tda10021
   demodulator location: tin box
   demodulator: Philips TDA10021 @0x0C
   PLL: Philips tua6034 @0x60

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