KNC1 TV-Station DVB-T

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A DVB-T PCI card produced by KNC1 based on the Philips SAA7146.


  • Interface: PCI
  • Inputs: Antenna, CineView Module Connector
  • Output: Antenna loop-through (amplified).

The card has a passthrough output, so you can daisy-chain multiple cards to one antenna (if your signal isn't too weak). The card also has a CI connector, which is supported under Linux.

Components Used

  • Philips SAA7146
  • tin box: Philips TU1216L
  • demodulator location: tin box
    • demodulator: Philips TDA10046 @0x08
  • PLL: Philips tda6651tt @0x60


 PCI device id: 1131:7146
 PCI subsystem id: 1894:0030

Making it Work

Works fine under Linux.


  • Requires firmware for the TDA10046.


  • frontend driver: tda1004x
  • The card uses the budget-av driver in Linux
  • This card is able to deliver the full MPEG-2 Transport Stream to the host.
  • Card driver: budget-av

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