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Uploading images and how to put them into articles

NOTE: you have to be logged in for uploading images. Please do not link to pictures from other websites. This avoids broken links if the image source changes.

What happens Syntax

Image in original size and without border Image Description

'''Image in original size''' and without border
[[image:Main_1.png|image description]]

It's possible to automatically create tumbnails. Simply put 'thumb' or 'thumbnail' between file name and alternative text, like this:

image description

[[image:Main_1.png|thumb|image description]]

Scaling is done by the parameter width in pixels between 'thumb' and description:

image description

[[image:Main_1.png|thumb|100px|image description]]

images and thumbnail can be aligned. left hand side like this:

image description

[[image:Main_1.png|thumb|left|image description]]

or right hand side, which is default

image description

[[image:Main_1.png|thumb|right|image description]]

The identifier 'none' swiches the alignment off and shows the image inline. Hint: this is useful for thumbnails in tables.

image description

[[image:Main_1.png|thumb|none|image description]]

By clicking onto an image the description of the pic will be shown. The despription can be directly linked by putting ":" before the identifier image. image description

[[:image:Main_1.png|image description]]


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