Medion MD95700 (DVB-T)

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MD97500 with remote

A DVB-T USB device from Medion.

The DVB part is supported by linuxtv.


The following kernel modules are needed for this device:

  • tuner_simple
  • tuner_types
  • cx22702
  • dvb_usb
  • dvb_core
  • dvb_usb_cxusb
  • dib7000p
  • dibx000_common
  • dib0070

Device / Model Type Hardware Firmware URL / Pictures
Comments & quirks
Medion MD 95700 4in1 USB2.0 Conexant CX22702
Inner circuits (tuner)
The box offers an X10 RF controller with remote (Medion MD1 NBC). It is supported by the ati-remote or lirc-atiusb kernel module, but only the latter is supported by LIRC - do not load both simultaneously!
It also offers an internal USB hub with four ports, of which one is available on the outside.
The USB hub, the external USB port and the RF controller work without the 12V power supply.


There is a new firmware, version, for the MD 95700 from Medion. It is highly recommend to update the firmware for newer kernels. You can download it directly: [1] (in German). Please read the Readme before you flash the box.

This update fixes some video problems, but it is incompatible with the old dvb-usb drivers (i.e. kernels from 2005). If you use your box under Windows, don't forget to ensure that the Windows drivers are up to date too.

Image and sound glitches

If you have a good signal but a bad image and sound quality (artifacts, sound glitches) you are affected by a bug. Try this workaround: [2] but keep in mind that it's just a workaround, not a bugfix!

Analog TV tuner

The analogue part seems to be handled by a Conexant CX25842. It's kernel driver is cx25840, although the main driver for the Box isn't finished so it doesn't get detected (on 2.6.32).

LIRC configuration

  1. remove the kernel driver ati_remote when you want to use lirc. you can do it by blacklisting it or recompiling your kernel (check your distro's infos on that)
  2. set up lirc and the kernel drivers (you'll need the lirc_atiusb module) according to what your distro says.
  3. use the following for /etc/lirc/lircd.conf (or however it's named in your distro):
# brand: Medion MD1 NBC
# Made in China X10
# Medion Remote Control
# * FCC ID: B4S20018268

begin remote
  name  lircd.conf
  bits           16
  eps            30
  aeps          100
  one             0     0
  zero            0     0
  pre_data_bits   8
  pre_data       0x14
  post_data_bits  16
  post_data      0x0
  gap          219967
  toggle_bit_mask 0x80800000

      begin codes
          1                        0xE20D
          2                        0x638E
          3                        0xE40F
          4                        0x6590
          5                        0xE611
          6                        0x6792
          7                        0xE813
          8                        0x6994
          9                        0xEA15
          0                        0x6C97
          Play                     0xFA25
          Pause                    0x7EA9
          Stop                     0xFD28
          Record                   0x7CA7
          SkipNext                 0xF823
          SkipPrior                0x76A1
          Forward                  0xFB26
          Rewind                   0x79A4
          snapshot                 0xED18
          red                      0x87B2
          yellow                   0x0934
          blue                     0x8AB5
          green                    0x0833
          Mute                     0x5580
          return                   0xF11C
          VolUp                    0x5E89
          VolDown                  0xDD08
          ChanUp                   0x608B
          ChanDown                 0xE10C
          menu                     0x6E99
          back                     0xF520
          Left                     0x729D
          Right                    0xF41F
          Up                       0xCDF8
          Down                     0x4570
          tv                       0x81AC
          Videos                   0x022D
          DVD                      0x5984
          Guide                    0xEB16
          Music                    0x5B86
          Radio                    0x032E
          book                     0x86B1
          Pictures                 0xDA05
          info                     0x84AF
          Power                    0xD702
          ok                       0x709B
          enter                    0xF31E
      end codes

end remote
  1. start lirc and configure your app to interact. there are pretty many howtos for the major apps on the net.

Source: VDRwiki (german)