Pixelview PlayTV Pro Ultra

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An analog PCI Card from ProLink

Making it Work

Autodetect is not possible for this card so you need use option card=27:

echo "options cx88xx card=27" > /etc/modprobe.d/cx88xx

With this setting TV image and channel tuning seems work, but sound with loopback cable still not heard. If anybody know how to get this card completelly work write down please.

Discussion in video4linux mailing list about sound and fm tuner problem with this card:



> I have a PixelView PlayTV Pro Ultra (identified in windows as Prolink
> PV-TV303/304) for which I can get image, scan channels, etc., but: no radio
> yet, and no sound (unless I have warm-booted into windows and used the card's
> software there before). If I've cold booted into linux I don't get any sound at all.
> Kernel version is, gcc 4.0.3.

Those boards really sucks, since they don't offer any tveeprom and
several different models are selled with the same codename.
Radio should be working now, with mercurial version, available at
http://linuxtv.org/hg, with tuner=65.
About sound, probably some gpio are wrong for your specific model. You
should run regspy (it cames with dscaller) and run at windows. There are
some instructions about how you can use it to generate an entry to v4l
code at wiki, on linuxtv.

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