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A, so called, "full-featured" DVB-C PCI card by Siemens.

This was one of the first PC based DVB devices, and is referred to sometimes as being the mother of many later designs. Specifically, TechnoTrend would produce several popular card revisions based on the original Siemens design. And although Siemens sold the card themselves, it was the TechnoTrend cards that gained most notoriety.


Card can only deliver a partial/modified TS stream to userspace.

(ves1820/Philips CD1516(??))

 features: decoder, partialts
 card driver: dvb-ttpci
 interface: PCI
 PCI device id: 1131:7146
 PCI subsystem id: 110A:0000 OR 13c2:0000
 Bridge: Philips SAA7146A (SAA7113H on D1_A, VES1820 on D1_B)
 analog Video Decoder: Philips SAA7113H @0x24
 analog Audio Decoder: Micronas MSP3400C @0x40
 EEPROM: 2KB @0x50-0x5E (8x 256 bytes)
 frontend 1:
   tin box: Philips CD1516
   frontend driver: ves1820
   demodulator location: separate
   demodulator: Philips VES1820 @0x09
   PLL: ?? @0x62
 Notes: Shares the subsystem ID of DVB-S cards!

This card contains an onboard MPEG-2 Decoder, is able to receive both Analog TV and Digital TV transmissions and contains a Common Interface and is based on the Philips SAA7146 and the VLSI VES1820.

Linux support exists since quite a long time. For a list of known issues follow Philips SAA7146 and VLSI VES1820 link.

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