TBS6985 PCIe DVB S2 Quad Tuner TV Card

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TBS6985 PCI-E DVB-S2 Four Tuner TV card is designed to fulfill the needs of watching/recording multiple satellite TV channels on PC simultaneously. It’s the successor of TBS698. if you want to make full use of the recording power of TBS6985, you may record four whole TS(Transponder Stream),one of which could contains maximum ten, twelve SD or HD TV channels into your PC hard disk. Which means you will be able to record up to 48 channels with TBS6985 in the same time. This feature contribute a lot especially when you are building up HTPC or IPTV streaming server. Linux drivers are ready.


  • Four Tuners for Recording Four Different Channels/Transponders
  • DVB-S2/DVB-S SD or HD TV Receiving
  • Linux S2API Drivers Compatible with MythTV, VDR, XBMC, DVBLast, VLC, etc.
  • Unicable/One Cable compatible

Components Used

  • 2x Trident CX24132 Dual DVB-S2 Tuner
  • 2x Trident CX24117 Dual DVB-S2 Demodulator
  • 2x Intersil ISL6422B Dual Output LNB Supply and Control Voltage Regulator
  • 1x Trident SAA7160E PCI Express Audio/Video Capture Bridge


  • Receiving Frequency: 950~2150 MHz Tuning Range
  • Input level: -69~-23dBm
  • 4x Advanced DVB-S2/DVB-S 8PSK QPSK 16APSK 32APSK Demodulator


External Links

Linux Driver and firmware

You can download the latest Linux drivers from TBS official website [1]