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MOI Pro DVB IPTV Streaming Server is a Linux based IP streamer powered by Freescale, with TBS DVB tuners integrated, it can receive Live digital TV or radio contents- both FTA (Free to Air) channels and Pay TV (encrypted) channels, and further stream them to the following client devices: PC, Tablet, Smartphone , iDevices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) or Sony Playstation 3.

MOI Pro as a professional streaming server, MOI Pro supports connection with up to 2 DVB PCI Express tuner cards through the tuner bridge board, which allows it to receive a lot more live TV/ radio channels, for example, connected with 2 quad tuner cards, it can receive a large number of live TV channels from 8 transponders, it’s ideal for industrial use, especially for IPTV projects based on high performance backend. With the preinstalled DVB software, such as MuMudvb, Tvheadend, DVBlast, szap, tzap ,czap etc., you are ready to build a professional streaming server.

MOI Pro DVB IPTV Streaming Server provides an open solution with flexibility and variety as well, DVB-S2 tuner, DVB-T2/T tuner, or DVB-C tuner are available for you to choose to build your IPTV streaming server, with or without CI function is entirely up to you.


Tbs2951 1.jpg Tbs2951 2.jpg Tbs2951 3.jpg Tbs2951 6.jpg Tbs2951 7.jpg Tbs2951 8.jpg


Processor:AMD® Embedded G-Series SoC (Quad Core, 1.2GHz)

Memory:4GB DDR3 1333

Graphics:Integrated AMD Radeon™ HD

APU:AMD® Embedded G-Series SoC

Ethernet:2x LAN Gbit / 100 Mbit / 10 Mbit,

Storage:1 x SATA 6.0 Gb/s


I/O:8-bit programmable

LPC:1 x LPC support TPM module

   2 x COM HEADER 



      POWER LED 
      HDD LED 

Display Interface:1 x HDMI

                 1 x VGA (The reserved connection) 

USB:2 x USB 2.0

   2 x USB 3.0 

Expansion Interface:1 x Full-Size Mini-PCIe

                   (w/USB, PCle x 1 Single) 

SBC dimension:120 *100 mm

Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows 8, Microsoft® Windows 7, Microsoft® Windows® 7/8 embedded Standard, Microsoft® Windows® 7 Embedded Compact Linux, Ubuntu,

DVB tuner card support: Up to 16 TBS TV tuners (4 TV tuner PCIe cards) Pre-installed software: Tvheadend, VDR, MuMuDVB, DVBlast, szap-s2, dvbdate, dvbscan, dvbdstream, dvbsnoop, scan-s2, szap-s2, tzap-t2, LIRC, telnet, ssh, ftp, samba

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