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A USB DVB-S2 tuner based on CX24116, USB ID 734c:5928.

Firmware and driver

The vendor provides a Linux driver on its website along with all needed firmware files. The code has been released under GNU GPLv2.

The latest source code tarball is marked as for Linux 2.6.32, but works with older/newer kernels too. It is basically a hg snapshot of linuxtv-dvb with several C files added.

Horizontal Voltage 18.65V
Vertical Voltage 13.47V

Voltage after plugging in the device 6.7V
Voltage after driver installation 0V

Device seems to cause DISEQC parity errors with Spaun S2 Monitor, possibly caused due the
Voltage change from High to Low Voltage.

content installation CD (no linux drivers on it, neither did the device work out of the
box with Ubuntu, need to follow the manufacturer link):

Linux driver package contains some precompiled blobs, which makes the linux driver "half" opensource only and will also require to recompile every time the local kernel is updated :-(


FIXME: The above mentioned files are not needed for TBS Q-BOX S2. They're used for different models! This should go to a different entry. Nor did I find such files in recent tarballs.