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The Samsung product page for the TECC1149FG01A tuner module has disappeared from their website. However, if one wishes to still view it, one can use the Wayback Machine to get a glimpse of the spartan information that formerly existed ... Note: directly linking to it does not work in the wiki, so you will just have to manually join the following components of the address in your browser's url bar/slot: S

Whether XC3028 is Used

Suspicions on whether it uses an Xceive XC3028 date back to 2007. A post was made on the linux-dvb mailing list. The TV Wonder HD 600 USB uses an XC3028LCQ chip.

My tvwonder 650pci p/n:102a6980111 seems to have a sn761677 TI chip in it. There is a Samsung module (tecc1149fg01a) on the board which has this little gold cover that just pops right off to reveal this sn761677 chip. Can't test it now because the pc it was in died which is why I'm prying covers off of the tuner card :).
Evidently the mystery is solved [and I was wrong :( :( ...  :D ] --CityK 06:24, 27 January 2012 (CET)