TeVii S650

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DVB-S/S2 USB box manufactured by TeVii

Product page: http://www.tevii.com/Products_S650_1.asp.

Experimental support under Linux exists, see S2API.

The DVB-S (SDTV) part works out of the box since kernel 2.6.29 and VDR 1.6.0, as soon as the firmware file is in /lib/firmware.

To get the firmware file, download the linuxdriver_0815 package from TeVii, unrar it and copy the dvb-usb-s650.fw firmware file to /lib/firmware/dvb-usb-dw2104.fw:

 wget http://tevii.com/Tevii_linuxdriver_0815.rar
 unrar e Tevii_linuxdriver_0815.rar
 sudo cp -p dvb-usb-s650.fw /lib/firmware/dvb-usb-dw2104.fw

Along with several other DVB firmwares it is also available in a 7-zip file: 728KiB download.