TerraTec Cinergy T USB XE

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Supported ID on
Hardware Firmware Comment / Pictures URL E
TerraTec Cinergy T USB XE (rev1) Yes, in kernel since 2.6.23 0ccd:0055 USB1.1 Afatech AF9005 af9005.fw or af9005.fw- (rename it to af9005.fw!) The AF9005 version has the CE Symbol on the device Dvb-t-usb-terratec-cinergy-t-usb-xe-001.jpg [1] Jump to the place where you can edit this entry
TerraTec Cinergy T USB XE (rev2) Yes, in kernel since 2.6.28 0ccd:0069 USB2.0 Afatech AF9015A, Freescale mc44s803 dvb-usb-af9015.fw The AF9015 version has the CE Symbol on the sticker Dvb-t-usb-terratec-cinergy-t-usb-xe-001.jpg Jump to the place where you can edit this entry

TerraTec Cinergy Hybrid T USB XE is supported.

Version 1 support is in the kernel.

Version 2 support in main repository.

Technical stuff

Version 1 AF9005

USB ID: 0ccd:0055

This dvb-t stick uses a chip from afatech, called AF9005 Support was added May 2007 in the main hg repository and has gone into the 2.6.23 vanilla kernel.

Version 2 AF9015

USB ID: 0ccd:0069

TerraTec brought up a new version of the stick.

It seems you can't distinguish between both versions by the packaging nor the device itself.

The new version announces itself with the USB ID 0ccd:0069 and the product name "Cinergy T USB XE Ver.2".

It uses a successor of the af9005, the af9015. There is now support in the vanilla kernel (>=2.6.28) for this Chipset, see Afatech AF9015.

It also uses a Freescale mc44s803 tuner. This tuner has a working driver at [2] which is merged into the main repository since Feb 2009 and will probably be part of the vanilla kernel >= 2.6.30.

Version 1 firmware upload trace

This shows the first bytes of usb communication when using this stick in windows (traces using patched usbmon on linux (to get all the bytes), vmware on linux, winxp in vmware, terratec driver in winxp).

# the following sections contain the firmware code (
# of the cinergy xs usb dvb-t stick

# each section given here is 0xfa (250) byte in size
# the firmware-usb-commands start with that size in
# two byte little endian notation:
# 0xfa 0x00
# --> the usb-command length is 0xfc (252) byte!

# all this looks very much like smartcard based stuff!!!
# maybe a similar 16bit cpu?

   length that follows
         length that follows
10 f8 00 f2 4100
         02568702 53df0256 940245e2 02569500 00000256 96025697 02569802 56990256
         9a000002 56910256 9b02569c 02569d90 5954eef0 a3eff0e4 905957f0 a3f09059
         54e0fea3 e0fff582 8e83e024 ef604f24 f1605924 fe607724 fe606d24 fe700302
         424c24e6 60542416 60030243 cc905800 742bf0a3 740af08f 828e83a3 a3e09058
         02f07d00 7c58124f 0d905803 eff09058 01e02402 ffe433fe 1254db02 43cc9059
         54e0fea3 e0ff1250 bc0243cc 905954e0 fea3e0ff 124a6d02 43cc9059 54e0fea3
         e0ff1252 200243cc 90595774 01f09059 54e0fea3 e0ff1253 a9905956 eff09059
         54e0fea3 e0fff582 8e83a3a3 a3c083c0 82e075ed
10 f8 01 f2 41f2
         fd905957 e0fced4c d082d083 f08f828e 83e0b422 11905954 e0fea3e0 ffa3e0fd
         124fb402 43cc9059 56e0fd70 0e905954 e0fea3e0 ff124fb4 0243cc90 5954e0fe
         a3e0ff7d 057c5812 5413ad07 905954e0 fea3e0ff 124fb402 43cc9059 54e0fea3
         e0fff582 8e83a3a3 a3e024fe 60591470 03024304 14700302 43cc1470 03024377
         14700302 433e2405 60030243 bfef2405 f582e43e f583e060 0575e280 8003e4f5
         e2905800 7427f0a3 7403f090 5954e0fe a3e0f582 8e83a3a3 e0905802 f0a37401
         f0a3e4f0 0243bf90 58007427 f0a37407 f0905954 e0fea3e0 f5828e83 a3a3e090
         5802f0a3 7401f0a3 7404f090 568de493 90587fbc
10 f8 02 f2 42e4
         05f09056 8ee49390 5806f090 568fe493 905807f0 905690e4 93905808 f00243bf
         905954e0 fea3e0ff 2405f582 e43ef583 e0600543 d3028003 53d3fd90 58007427
         f0a37403 f08f828e 83a3a3e0 905802f0 a37401f0 a3e4f002 43bf9059 54e0fea3
         e0ff2405 f582e43e f583e060 0543d301 800353d3 fe905800 7427f0a3 7403f08f
         828e83a3 a3e09058 02f0a374 01f0a3e4 f0804890 58007427 f0a37404 f0905954
         e0fea3e0 f5828e83 a3a3e090 5802f0a3 7401f0a3 f0748d24 15ffe434 5efe905d
         3ce0b506 11a3e0b5 070c9058 057401f0 905958f0 80059058 05e4f090 5801e024
         02ffe433 fe1254db 12552390 5958e060 03127e69
10 f8 03 f2 43d6
--- snip ---
10 f8 16 d2 55cc
         7400f074 58a3f022 ef5401ff 440490d0 01f0ef70 0a7f9b7e 02125371 308dfd22
         7f357e05 12537190 d002e030 e2037f01 22308df3 7f002275 fd8d745e f5fee490
         5e3ef043 ed0253ed fe43ed40 2275fb86 745ef5fc 43ed01e5 ed30e005 e5ea30e2
         f6227581 09905976 e0c0e0a3 e0f582d0 e0f583e4 731254b6 ef60037f 0122e4ff
         1255d47f 002290b0 00e05422 64226005 7422f080 f122e490 593cf0d2 a875ec03
         90593df0 22ef1fac 0670011e 4c70f622 90d00374 32f0a374 01f02275 81080253
         36014600 00c29832 32323232 32323232 32320000 00000000 00000000 00000000
         00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 000062cb

            address 7f? code
30 f8 17 f2 00fc
            00fc 7f d91a3dd0 00000000
            0100 7f 027eb802 67bc027e
            0108 7f c4027eca 027ecb02
            0110 7f 7ec7027e cc027ecd
            0118 7f 027ece02 7e3d026c
            0120 7f d0000032 00000275
            0128 7f da0272e3 027ecf90
            0130 7f a6207402 f090a61f
            0138 7f 7408f090 a6117401
            0140 7f f0d2afd2 a8e4f508
            0148 7f f509907f 58f0a3f0
            0150 7f 907f4804 f0a3f0e4
            0158 7f 907f4df0 907f53f0
            0160 7f 907f5df0 907f5cf0
            0168 7f f5f875b8 12d28890
            0170 7f 7f46f090 a601e054
            0178 7f f7f090a0 27e508f0
            0180 7f b40c0040 03024f36
            0188 7f 90418ff8 28287302
            0190 7f 41b30242 1a02431d
            0198 7f 0243a502 44100244
            01a0 7f a0024520 02456402
30 f8 18 f2 01a8
            01a8 7f 45ef0246 ab0246f7
            01b0 7f 02488b90 7f46e070
            01b8 7f 12907f57 f0907f45
            01c0 7f e0600302 4f3e04f0
            01c8 7f 024f3e90 7f477401
            01d0 7f f0907f57 f0907f4e
            01d8 7f f0e4a3f0 907f51f0
            01e0 7f 907f54f0 90a160e0
            01e8 7f 5408ff13 1313541f
            01f0 7f ffbf0109 90a615e0
            01f8 7f 54ef4410 f090a615
            0200 7f e054fef0 e054fdf0
            0208 7f e054f7f0 e054fbf0
            0210 7f 90a391e0 54fef002
            0218 7f 4f3e126a 66127ebe
            0220 7f e4907f5a f0907f57
            0228 7f 04f0907f 4ee00454
            0230 7f 01f090a1 6ce030e0
            0238 7f 42907f51 e004f0e0
            0240 7f 64046003 024f3e90
            0248 7f a615e054 10ffc454
            0250 7f 0f600790 7f53e0b4
30 f8 70 e7 3e28
            3e28 7f c6f0a3e0 54fc4401
            3e30 7f f0a3748c f0a37424
            3e38 7f f0a3e4f0 22c0e0c0
            3e40 7f 83c08290 7f44e4f0
            3e48 7f 90a0cae0 54fbf053
            3e50 7f 91efd082 d083d0e0
            3e58 7f 3290a322 7411f0a3
            3e60 7f 7473f0a3 e054fcf0
            3e68 7f a37498f0 a37401f0
            3e70 7f a3e4f022 90abd474
            3e78 7f c8f0a3e4 f0a37420
            3e80 7f f0a37401 f0a37488
            3e88 7f f0a37401 f022ed54
            3e90 7f 07fe25e0 25e04f90
            3e98 7f a220f022 90a333e0
            3ea0 7f 54fe4401 f0e054fe
            3ea8 7f f02290a3 34e054fb
            3eb0 7f 4404f0e0 54fbf022
            3eb8 7f 75810902 412fc28c
            3ec0 7f 438e0822 c28c32c2
            3ec8 7f 98323232 32323232
            0000 00 00000000 00000000

Additional Firmware For Debian

The kernel module needs some code from AF05BDA.sys which is distributed with the original Windows driver. Some distributions don't need this files. But on my Debian system DVB-T stopped working after an upgrade to Debian Squeeze 6.0. They removed the code from the kernel for copyright reasons and replaced it which a loader which extracts it directly from /lib/firmware/AF05BDA.sys each time the driver is used.

Different versions of this file exists. Only the one from the BDA Driver will work. It is included in Cinergy_T_USB_XE_App_Drv_XP_4.98.exe which can be downloaded from the Terratec Webpage. This is a self extracting Zip archive that can be unpacked using unzip or wine.

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