Turbosight USB DVB-S Q-Box

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A DVB-S USB device from Turbosight.

It is currently unsupported.


USB ID is: VID:0x734C, PID:0x2601.

Components Used

  • Samsung tuner module with integrated:
    • STM STB6000 (tuner pll)
    • STM STV0299 (demodulator)
  • Cypress CY7C68013A (i.e. FX2) (USB bridge)


The firmware in Q-BoxDVBS.sys file may reside at: offset 0x3918, length 8192.

Script for extracting it:


use File::Temp qw/ tempdir /;
use IO::Handle;

    extract("Q-BoxDVBS.sys", 0x3918, 8192, "dvb-usb-qbox.fw");

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