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tvtime is an analogue TV viewing application (note: it does not feature any capture facilities). It has a number of sophisticated deinterlacing algorithms, which make for some high quality output.


Currently, the last "official" tvtime release, version 1.02, dates from November 2005. With development having essentially come to a halt and the application not being kept in step with broader kernel developments, most Linux distributions choosing to include tvtime within their releases were stuck with having to independently provided their own patch solutions to the application.

In 2009, developers at kernal labs re-initiated some development of the app [1]. In 2011, similar as to with the case of xawtv, an effort was made to provide a centralized development repository for tvtime on LinuxTV [2] (though discussions for proceeding in such a direction had certainly begun in early 2010 [3] [4]). This can now be found in the tree. In time, it is hoped that Linux distributions will both submit changes to this version as well as utilize it as the one they package within their releases.

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