Twinhan VP-1030A

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The VP-1030A in it's full glory

A DVB-S PCI card by TwinHan.

The VP-1030A is supported under Linux.


("DST-030") (dst)

 features: fullts, CI unsupported
 card driver: dvb-bt8xx
 interface: PCI
 PCI device id: 14f1:8804
 PCI subsystem id: 1822:0001
 Bridge: bt8xx
 frontend 1: LG
   frontend driver: dst
 CI: unsupported by current LinuxTV drivers, supported only by vendor drivers for kernel 2.4.20
 Notes: The frontends on these cards are hidden behind an ASIC - no need to know the full details.
        The actual card type is determined by interrogating the onboard EEPROM.

The only frontend driver for this card is the dst module. The tuner component initialization routines are held in the ASIC in the form of firmware (not reloadable through software). The oldest card in the DVB-S family from TwinHan !

This card uses the bttv driver. Well supported by LinuxTV drivers.

The Common Interface is not directly accessible via the LinuxTV drivers, but CAM initialization commands can be achieved via the PCI card interface.

The card is believed to support almost all major CAM's. No separate initialization required for different CAM's, since all the initialization is done in the ASIC's firmware.

Analogue BT-848 or BT-878 based cards must be removed before use.

The tuner is very weak. You can't receive every channel, even when you use 2 meter dish. You can receive more channels when using Linux instead of Windows.

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Making it Work




Required modules and parameters:

dvb_core dvb_shutdown_timeout=0 
bttv i2c_hw=1 card=0x71

CAM tests

Feel free to update this table with other types of CAMs.

CAM tests on TwinHan VP-1030A
Type HW version Viaccess version Application version Results
SCM Red Viaccess 1.0 ? ? Working, but random failures are observed every few hours with TPS
Aston Mediaguard P/N 901274 1.2 ? ? Working, not enough tests done
Aston Viaccess Pro ? ? ? Not working
Aston Mediaguard Pro ? ? ? Not working
Matrix CAM ? ? ? Not working (tried mr1180, mvr223, mrb303 firmwares)
Irdeto II CAM ? ? ? Working
FREE X-TV CAM ? ? ? Not working

As the dst_ca driver is still under development, the results of this page may change.