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Minor bugs/improvement

  • struct ir_raw_event_ctrl member prev_ev. Investigate if this can be removed.
  • if driver depends on RC_CORE, change this to select RC_CORE, depends on INPUT? OR use a patch like and remove "depends on RC_CORE".
  • mceusb can do wakeups. Allow this to be configured
  • Can sir_ir and/or serial_ir use serdev
  • iguanair_tx() can be simplified
  • NEC32 mess (again)
  • Rename lirc record -> lirc receive (e.g. ir-ctl).

Larger work

  • Make it possible to load multiple keymaps with ir-keytable. It should detect if the new keymap conflicts with any already loaded keymap, and ensure the right protocols are selected.
    • Further improvement: make the kernel mapping rc_proto:scancode -> keycode, not just scancode. This should reduce the number of possible conflicts.
  • Compare lirc rc6 decoder. Can it handle multiple keypresses? What repeat/delay times does it use? See
  • MS MCE Keyboard keymap needs multiple protocols. Keymap needed to select it.
  • ir-ctl should list available devices if run without any argument and allow to select device based on rc (based on /sys/class/rc/).
  • Rework ir raw decoders; register should only happen when protocol enabled (so we don't get an MCE input device). Also if decoders not enabled, #ifdef a load of stuff out.