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OpenBox is an Open Source receiver STB from a German company by the same name. The Frontend is on a separate card that plugs into the mainboard and there are at least two different cards available:



1200 series

  • J1: FPGA_JTAG (nofit)
  • J2: MicroSD
  • J3: JTAG for U3 (nofit)
  • J4: Interface to SOM J4
  • J5: HDMI Out
  • J6: Interface to SOM J6
  • J7: USB-B (nofit)
  • J8: USB-A #1
  • J9: USB-A #2
  • J10: USB-A #3
  • J11: Internal USB (USB-A #4)
  • J12: SCART
  • J13: LVDS out
  • J14: 12v Power
  • J15: MicroSD
  • J16: Loudspeaker
  • J17: SVIDEO (nofit)
  • J18: Keypad
  • J19: Inverter
  • J20: CIR & LED
  • J21: UART for U3
  • J22: 5v Power (nofit)
  • JP1: Interface to SOM
  • JP2: Expansion (20 pin)
  • JP3: Audio out (nofit)
  • JP4: Audio in (nofit)
  • JP5: Tuner
  • JP6: Expansion (20 pin)
  • JP7: Jumper - voltage select for tuner (nofit)
  • U1: FPGA
  • U2: Bus transceiver (74LVC245)
  • U3: ARM Cortex-M3 Microcontroller (LM3S6965-IQC)
  • U4: Ethernet connector (active)
  • U5: LDO (nofit)
  • U6: Sil9022/9024ARBT HDMI Transmitter
  • U7: Current limiter, HDMI (FPF2116)
  • U8: Current limiter, USB (TPS2044BD)
  • U9: 4-port USB hub (USB2504A-JT)
  • U10: 1W Mono amp (TDA7052A)
  • U11: 1W Mono amp (TDA7052A)
  • U12: 8-40v input to 5v output voltage regulator
  • U13: 5v input to 2.5v output regulator (TPS73025DBVT)
  • U14: 5v input to 3.3v outpt regulator (TLV1117-33CDCY)
  • U15: 5v input to 1.8v output regulator (TLV1117-33CDCY)
  • U16: Quad Op-Amp (LM324APWR)
  • U17: LDO (nofit)
  • U18: On-board IR receiver (nofit)